On-Trend Color and Design for home and Interior

The Power of Color Harmony Upgrade

Do you recognize this? 


A package in the supermarket that shouts “improved recipe” or “washes even cleaner”. Hardly ever do I think “Gee, that's a great improvement!” after using it. Usually I don't notice any difference at all.

We are not into this blabla and fuss. So we don't just shout “ NEW!” or “Now Even Better!” at a minor update.

Our last innovation was the ring binder that allows our Color Concepts to fit conveniently and clearly in the closet. We received many compliments on that.


But now we have a major innovation in content.

Let me take you briefly through our step-by-step discovery of how we could still improve.


It started with a conversation with one of our regular Color Concept clients. She said, “your colors are so beautiful, but our clients are not so on-trend, so often we can't use all the color groups.” Now she assured me that it's already worth it if she can use 2 or 3 color groups, but I was still a little upset about this.


And with Yodi and Kelly, we wanted to create something that could put an end to the above, in our eyes wrong “perception.” After Heimtextil, we suddenly knew what to do!


Because at Heimtextil we displayed a presentation on how our clients could present color-coordinated collections, using our Color Concept editions or custom-made color groups.

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Thank you Iris Apfel

In the wake of the recent passing of the legendary Iris Apfel at an age of 102 (!) years old, I realized how much I was in awe of her character. She lived a colorful life, not as a "job" but because she really liked to.


Almost to her surprise, she had a big impact on the world of design and fashion. 


Seeing her, encouraged me to dare experiment more with colors. 

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Home textile color trends, going evergreen

We often hear ourselves saying "you can use our Color Concept editions much longer than one season" and "it's a color inspiration library to go back to often". Especially during Heimtextil we tell this to everyone who shows interest.


People sometimes look at us, thinking: " sure, you want to sell previous versions too". And yes, we do. We know how cool it is to make customers happy again with colors of such a "golden oldie"!


When I asked Yodi and Kelly which Color Concept I could use as an example to demonstrate this, it was hard to choose just one. There are too many.


Well, then we'll just have to make it a recurring theme. 😊


This allowed us to agree on the first "evergreen." One we made almost 5 years ago: "Warm Shades" from Spring/Summer 2021. Made in 2019!

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Meet CoCo, your new colleague

It was one of our interns who said the other day: "this Color Concept is actually a very experienced and talented team member." 


We all looked at each other and nodded. Yes, you could see our very own inspiration and color tool as a remarkable member of our team who brings a splash of creativity to every project – our Color Concept! 


So, how can a Color Concept be part of the team? What are the unique aspects that make it a standout addition to your design and product development crew? Here's just a few:


**1. No Coffee Breaks, Ever:** Color Concept never needs a caffeine fix and is always ready to infuse energy into your designs without needing multiple coffee breaks. Plus, you get to keep all the coffee for yourself!


**2. Drama-Free Zone:** Unlike human team members, Color Concept doesn't engage in office politics or dramatic exits. Enjoy a serene working environment while claiming the drama-free benefits!


**3. Always on Trend:** Color Concept effortlessly displays design trends, sparing you the effort of trend-chasing. And here's the bonus – claim the credit for being a trendsetting virtuoso, as you learn all you require on design and color trends!


**4. Endless Patience:** With infinite patience, Color Concept keeps offering solutions to your design dilemmas without a hint of frustration. "It" offers so many options per season, expressed in Color Harmonies and royalty free design examples. And a multitude of that if your Color Concept colleague keeps growing in more editions, expanding inspiration and color options further by every added season.


**5. Infinitely Flexible:** Adaptability is Color Concept's middle name. It seamlessly adjusts to your design needs, whether you look for classical, contemporary, sophisticated, or easy popular trends and combinations. Claim the flexibility as your secret weapon for dynamic creations!


**6. The "Wow" Factor:** Color Concept brings that "wow" factor to your designs, leaving clients and colleagues in awe. Mostly due to the Color Harmony that is infused in all Color Palettes and images taken at design shows depicting practical use of these colors. And here's the best part – claim the proceeds of the awe-inspiring designs for yourself!


That's right – by partnering with Color Concept, you not only enhance your creative projects but also claim the rewards for the brilliance it brings to the table. And that's all part of your decision to work with the Color Concept tools. Kudos to you!

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PokΓ©mon x Van Gogh

Do you like Pokémon? Or are you more into "real art," like Van Gogh?

Doesn't matter, and if you have children, or nephews, nieces or grandchildren, they would love to go to the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam with you right now! Or maybe you'd like to go there yourself as a Pokémon fan? 


The museum celebrates its 50th anniversary with "Pokémon at the Van Gogh Museum." To be visited until Jan. 7, 2024.


There is an Adventure scavenger hunt, and afterward you will receive this unique Pokémon card. And yes, they are now on the Internet for a lot of money. But the supply is huge, so don't buy it.

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Barbie's color party

OK, you may have seen enough pink already last weeks. There's no getting around it, like a fresh whirlwind Barbie comes over us.

And its reviews are pretty good. 

As you might expect, as textile designers and colorists, we mostly watch the visual presentation surrounding Barbie. 

As a child, I used to make new clothes for my Barbie and curtains for the dollhouse she lived in. 


Bringing back that excited feeling of my childhood, I liked to see if, instead of just pink, we could create a Barbie-inspired collection with a broader color palette.

And after the Barbie hype, you want to last a little longer with your collection, right?


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Purple Reign, Purple Reign

Purple rain, purple rain. Purple rain, purple rain
I only wanted to see you, Bathing in the purple rain

This song by Prince may just get stuck in your head. With me, it does, as it is an iconic song from my childhood. It's about the end of the world, so not very cheerful. He connects purple not with happy states, but with an ominous purple sky.

But what's interesting is how this song came about. It was actually a country song, but when guitarist Wendy Melvoin improvised with some firmer chords, it became more of a rock ballad.

It's the same way with our color and trend photo selection for the Color Concept. From mood boards, we try different combinations. Someone throws in something, and suddenly we look at each other and say, yes, that's it! Like Prince had, we have too: a wonderfully creative team.

Our color & trend harmony Purple Reign is much more cheerful than Prince's and aims at a positive future. We remain optimistic and create the most beautiful inspiration and colors to work with in the coming years.

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You'll be mesmerized

Astrid and I were in Paris and Versailles for a few days. It reminded me of a story about how the word "mesmerizing" became known to the world.

It all started with 18th Century Franz Anton Mesmer, born and raised in Vienna, who was quite the eccentric fellow. 
Known for his unusual methods of healing. He believed in the power of "animal magnetism," which he claimed could cure various ailments by harnessing the invisible forces that exist within us all. 

Being mocked by his fellow physicians in Vienna, after a questionable cure of the niece of the empress's secretary, he left for Paris.

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Same question we hear a lot

Every time, that question. How do you make such a color group? And then nine color groups?

What is nice is that it is always a question that follows: "what beautiful colors together" or "wow, nice colors." Mostly at fairs, where we can show our Color Concept in its full glory.

Importantly, colors don't want to be alone: they like to be in company.

When being helped in a clothing store, color-matching garments are quickly pulled from the (color sorted) rack: "and then add a blouse like this", or "this scarf completes it".

Does that work for you too ? Do you buy more than when you look by yourself, without help?

It certainly works that way with our Color Concept color groups. We call them color harmonies, colors that "hang together on the rack" because it looks attractive and makes choosing nice combinations easier.

And that is exactly what our Color Concept does do for us, and for our clients.

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Milan done, we're just starting

We did the Milan Design Marathon! As Design Athletes we walked 42 kilometers, while shooting over 4000 photos.
So happy to be sitting down while composing this message to you. πŸ˜…

The Design Marathon Athletes!

Earth tones are back. Or never really away.



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Steal it all

Stealing any good ideas lately? You're in good company then.

As Pablo Picasso said: “Good artists copy, great artists steal.” Now, I know what you're thinking. Steal? That doesn't sound legal. But hear me out.

What Picasso meant by “steal” was that great artists take inspiration from their surroundings, and then use that inspiration to create something completely new and original. They don't just copy what's already been done, they take it to the next level.

Must say, I am a bit puzzled by Picasso saying: “good artists copy”. Copying art is a dirty word in our business, isn't it?

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Working in a holiday setting

During COVID, Astrid and I worked in the studio and our designers at home. That went very well.
Working with clients online has been growing for years. 

That gave us an idea. We can also work at another location, provided there is a good Internet connection. Then we can work in a sunny place. 😎

Why wait until retirement to spend more time in nice weather? Our son lives in Paris now for his internship, and we don't need to be home for him anyway. 😏 When we were here last year, he also came for a week to surf.

And Kelly, Neeltje and Yodi are a great team, both for us and for our clients. And you can still come to the studio in The Hague to see designs or color concepts.
So now we are part-time digital nomads! And try to live and work in Spain twice a year for 6-8 weeks: in October/November and in March/April.


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