Home textile color trends, going evergreen

We often hear ourselves saying "you can use our Color Concept editions much longer than one season" and "it's a color inspiration library to go back to often". Especially during Heimtextil we tell this to everyone who shows interest.


People sometimes look at us, thinking: " sure, you want to sell previous versions too". And yes, we do. We know how cool it is to make customers happy again with colors of such a "golden oldie"!


When I asked Yodi and Kelly which Color Concept I could use as an example to demonstrate this, it was hard to choose just one. There are too many.


Well, then we'll just have to make it a recurring theme. 😊


This allowed us to agree on the first "evergreen." One we made almost 5 years ago: "Warm Shades" from Spring/Summer 2021. Made in 2019!

Still today we use this Color Harmony. Depending on requests from clients, we immediately know which Color Concept we need for the job.


Because we've been working with all the Color Concept editions for so long, one of us often knows which CoCo to use right away. Sometimes we know of 2 or more editions that contain colors that would fit perfectly.

What do you think? Do you see yourself applying these colors?

Let's take a closer look. 


The two shades of green are definitely of today.  And how nicely Pantone color Pale Mauve fits in with them! 


How about these warm sand/orange natural shades? Like an old love that we are totally reliving. The 'Marshmallow' white creme shade is perfect for making combinations a calmer picture.


By the way, did you notice we often put extra colors in? See above on the right: spot the two colors we added to the 8 originals. So easy to play around once you have the 8 Color Harmony.

Because it is our own color tool, of course we are fans. But many clients have also discovered it, and indeed we hear that they use previous editions as well.


Do you also want such a rich and inspiring, but above all practical color harmony library? Order the latest 2, 3 or 4 editions now and ensure yourself lots of fun, love, and convenience when working with Color Concept colors for Home & Living. 

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