Thank you Iris Apfel

In the wake of the recent passing of the legendary Iris Apfel at an age of 102 (!) years old, I realized how much I was in awe of her character. She lived a colorful life, not as a "job" but because she really liked to.


Almost to her surprise, she had a big impact on the world of design and fashion. 


Seeing her, encouraged me to dare experiment more with colors. 

Iris Apfel's fearless approach to color, style and design showed true creativity. Here are a few examples, accompanied by memorable quotes:


  1. Individuality: Iris famously said, "I think individuality is a big thing, as well as a sense of humor." She embraced her unique style with confidence, encouraging others to do the same.

  2. Experimentation: Iris was known for her eclectic mix of textures, patterns, and colors. She once remarked, "More is more and less is a bore," reminding us to embrace the joy of experimentation in our creative endeavors.

  3. Agelessness: Despite her advanced years, Iris remained a vibrant and influential figure in the fashion world. She famously quipped, "I don't see anything so wrong with a wrinkle. It's kind of a badge of courage." Her resilience and refusal to conform to societal norms serve as an inspiration to people of all ages.

  4. Authenticity: Iris believed in staying true to oneself above all else. As she put it, "I'm not a rebel. I just do things my way." Her authenticity and unapologetic approach to self-expression continue to inspire countless individuals to embrace their unique identities.

Iris Apfel lives on in our 2025 Aquatic color harmony


From her early days as an interior designer to her status as a fashion icon in her later years, Iris Apfel's fearless approach to color coordination has inspired countless individuals around the globe, including me. 

Her ability to mix and match hues with confidence has encouraged me to embrace the power of color harmony in our own work.

Iris Apfel in our 2025 Color Concept "Bohemian Pinks"


As we draw inspiration from the colorful life of Iris Apfel, we strive in our turn to encourage you to embrace your unique style and positioning, infusing your products and designs with boldness, creativity, and joy.


We're here to help you, if you're less adventurous than Iris. 


And who knows, you also live to become 102, colorful and in good spirits and health!


Stay colorful you all!

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