Home & Interior Colors and Trends, so you can:

> create on-trend Home Products with amazing colors

> support your clients on Designs, Colors, and Trends

> be the Color & Trend expert for your team and your clients


I love helping clients develop great home textile products and very profitable collections. My clients grow and stay clients.

Even if you don't hire me and my team for custom-made irresistible collections, you can have my success ingredients.

Like this Color and Inspiration tool, which we and dozens of clients use daily to create on-trend collections.


One color can be nice. But colors don't want to be alone. So we made it easy to create irresistible color groups:

  • Selected trend images and colors to inspire you

  • Color Palettes to make your products irresistible

With clients' requests growing, my design team and I had to come up with the most efficient way to create and color designs and presentations.

We found a system to:

1. Consistently curate the exact color trends and create color palettes we (and our clients) love

2. Make the textile design process so much easier, more fun, and more profitable


> Each season, after analyzing and translating trends we see at design shows and in prominent shops, we select 9 groups of 8 trend colors.

> We ad matching images to the color harmonies we made during these trips, we develop our 54-pages Color Concept map.

> The colors harmonies are tried and tested by our design team before finalizing them in 9 harmonious Color Palettes. 

This Color Tool makes design work so much easier and more fun to work with. We experience that every day! 


Why don't you give it a try? Or get a free sample first, see below:

What's in the package?

  • 72+ Pantone Home Trend Colors each season

  • Divided in 9 Trend Color Harmonies (+ 1 digital bonus color palette)

  • Exclusive inspiration images (made at Design Shows and shops in Milan, Paris, London, and inspiring places)

  • Digital color palettes for uploading in Photoshop/Illustrator

  • 5 free pattern designs (300dpi/tiff), demonstrating how easy it is to color different designs

Would you like to get a sample first?

I am always a bit anxious to purchase something online for my business. Especially when I cannot see exactly what I am supposed to buy.

That's why I offer you a digital free sample of one of the ten Color Concept color palettes of an earlier edition. See image below.


Not only will you receive the Color Concept trifold PDF, but also the five copy-right free patterns to show how varied the colors can be used in all kinds of patterns.

Get yourself the full "Macarons & Coffee" Color Palette. Just let me know where to send it:


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