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The New Color Harmony Coaching Feature:

Easy to use the color harmony samples given

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The package holds 9 trifolds, each with 6 pages. Here you see 18 examples of color harmony, made out of one 8-color story, in 4 different designs.

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We love helping clients create successful collections. 

You can now work with my color success ingredient:

AD Color Concept,

our own Trend Color Intel, that inspires instantly and is a practical, time-saving color tool:

> 72 on-trend Pantone colors we curated

> divided in 9 color harmonies as a basis for variations

> with exclusive, on-trend images from design shows

> upload the digital color swatches in Adobe or other software

> experiment with colors fast and easy, within each color harmony

  • Selected exclusive trend images and colors to inspire you

  • Color Palettes with Harmony Power to make your products irresistible

With clients' requests growing, we had to find the most efficient way to create and color designs.

We created a system to:

1. Consistently curate the exact color trends and create color palettes we, and our clients, love

2. Make the textile design process so much easier, more fun, and more profitable


> Each season, we analyze and translate trends. Then we select 9 groups of 8 Pantone trend colors.

> Our exclusive images showcase how the color harmonies shine in real lifestyle situations

> It's all tried and tested by our design team before finalizing them in 9 harmonious Color Palettes.

This Inspiration & Color Tool makes design work so much easier and more fun. We experience that every day! 


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What's in the AD Color Concept package?

  • 54 inspirational pages in 9 glossy trifolds in an easy binder, and as a digital PDF
  • 72+ Pantone Home Trend Colors each season, divided in 9 Trend Color Harmonies

  • An overview of the 72 Pantone Colors divided in Color Families, an easy quick reference page

  • Exclusive inspiration images (made at Design Shows, in shops etc.)
  • Digital color palettes for uploading in Photoshop/Illustrator, or other design software

  • 5 royalty free pattern designs (300dpi/tiff), demonstrating how easy it is to color different designs, but also prefect to create showroom or fair samples, or even sell in your market.

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