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Hi, I am Astrid Davidse, welcome to our Colorful world.

We're offering you our Color Intelligence. Holding nothing back:


  • Color and design inspiration & tool

  • For professional home product and interior design

  • Made by designers for designers

  • Save lots of time researching trends and colors

  • Enjoy working with colors that inspire you

  • Kick-start color choices for you, your team and clients

Curated colors to inspire you. Color Palettes to make your design shine.

The world is full of uncertainty. Now more than ever, it seems. So much to deal with. Work, relationships, family, health, home, climate, economy, social media. No design shows, or with all kinds of restrictions.


It can be overwhelming. And I don't have all the answers. I simply cling to the thing I seem to do right.

Curating and combining colors for home textiles and other printable objects. I love to support creatives in our business, having struggled for years in the past.

As I grew my company with more designers (10 now), churning out and selling hundreds of patterns and print designs a year, we learned so much from working so closely together. 


With clients' requests growing, we had to come up with the most efficient way to create designs and color them with ease. We found a system to consistently create color palettes that makes our and our clients' design process so much easier and more profitable.


Do you want to work with the latest trend colors? Inspiring color palettes that are so easy to experiment with.


Each season, after analyzing and translating trends, we select 72 trend colors. 

They are tried and tested by our design team before finalizing them in 9 harmonious Color Palettes. 


This Color Tool makes design work so much easier and more fun to work with. We experience that every day! 


Why don't you give it a try? Or get the free sample first, see below:

Our global Color Palettes speak all languages, it's so easy communicating.



  • 72+ Home Trend Colors each season

  • Divided in 9 Trend Color Harmonies (+ 1 digital bonus color palette)

  • Exclusive inspiration images

  • Digital color palettes for uploading in Photoshop/Illustrator

  • 5 free pattern designs (300dpi/tiff)
  • Confident color experimenting

  • Within each colorway you can't go wrong

Would you like to get a sample first?

I am always a bit anxious to purchase something online for my business. Especially when I cannot see exactly what I am supposed to buy.

That's why I offer you a free example of one of the ten Color Concept color palettes of the Spring/Summer 2021 edition.

See image below.

Not only will you receive the Color Concept six-page PDF, but also the five copy-right free patterns to show how varied the colors can be used in all kinds of patterns.

Get yourself the full Valle Italiana Color Palette. Just let me know where to send it:


What our customers say:

Christa Lynam, Senior Design Manager, Textiles & Materials, Product Design Group, Hunter Douglas (Luxaflex) USA:

"We really enjoy getting the color forecast from Color Concept by Astrid Davidse. We use it in many ways. When we are doing color work on specific designs and textures it is a great place to get inspiration for color groupings."

"We love getting a fresh perspective from Astrid's Color Concept. We value the organization, and we talk about it with our internal and external clients. We want to stay on top of color and trend, so we purchase all the new directions as they come out."

Verena Klöpper, Head of Design, Hahn Haustextilien GmbH, Germany

"We use WGSN, which gives extensive and varied colour choices for fashion and interior design, but few very concrete colour worlds, no colours you simply take and colour your prints. And that's where Astrid Davidse came in with her prints with such a wonderful colour scheme.
Your colour concept is a clear and easy to use aid to implement our collections according to colour themes. This saves us a lot of time!"

"Since Astrid works with Home textile prints herself, she is close to the customer and knows the commercial requirements. Important is to present a trend, which develops as a result of social circumstances, ultimately presented as a colored print on bed linen.
Circumstances such as Corona, for example, cause changes in the colour and print concept and needs in the customer, which will eventually be seen in the print sector at some point. And there Astrid has a fine hand to grasp them."

"The harmonious colour combinations of your colour concept, rounded off with mood photos and matching colour names, put us in the right mood for the creation process. Because we buy every season, it is easy to notice the changes and to compare the developments."

Michael D'Agnese, Marketing Manager Design & License Programs, Comfortex (Albany, New York), subscriber to Color Concept, client for our patterns and print designs and for custom color consultancy:

"One of the great things about working with Astrid is her well-rounded expertise as an artist, colorist and designer, which makes the process for developing unique and beautiful collections an easy one".

"We utilize the color concepts by finding similar colors in our Color Lux program that we can apply to our designs and create coordination stories and product ensembles with".

"As always the color groups look beautiful. There are some in the most recent group that stand out to me more than others such as Riverstone and Sudden Stillness. Not only do I like these specific collections because of my personal tastes, but they are also excellent for our industry and customer base".

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