Color Concept by Astrid Davidse

Welcome to your inspiration source for home trend colors! Made by designers for designers. Easy and practical. Get inspired and start coloring right away.

I'm Astrid Davidse, and I support home product and interior businesses. With colors and trends you can work with. 

For inspiring fresh and updated color combinations, that will amaze your colleagues, management, and clients. On-trend but never too extravagant. Create the color look that sells.

With 72 colors per season, you'll have ample choice. But not so many, you get lost. So you can focus on designing and coloring. And recoloring, of course.

So get your colors and upload the included digital color palettes. Enjoy the ease of working with pretty practical color tools.

With a subscription, you always work with the latest trend colors. They have been tried and tested by our design team before finalizing them.

That's why we're not the first but definitely the best to actually work with.

With clients all over the globe, it's excellent for both national and international markets. Colors speak in all languages, so easy communicating.


Easy size to bring your color trends to meetings. And when you start working with this, just put your Color Harmony on your desk.


The colorful sleeve protects your Color Cards. Take it with you to show off your Color Trends.


This video shows how one of the nine Color Harmonies look.


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