The Power of Color Harmony Upgrade

Do you recognize this? 


A package in the supermarket that shouts “improved recipe” or “washes even cleaner”. Hardly ever do I think “Gee, that's a great improvement!” after using it. Usually I don't notice any difference at all.

We are not into this blabla and fuss. So we don't just shout “ NEW!” or “Now Even Better!” at a minor update.

Our last innovation was the ring binder that allows our Color Concepts to fit conveniently and clearly in the closet. We received many compliments on that.


But now we have a major innovation in content.

Let me take you briefly through our step-by-step discovery of how we could still improve.


It started with a conversation with one of our regular Color Concept clients. She said, “your colors are so beautiful, but our clients are not so on-trend, so often we can't use all the color groups.” Now she assured me that it's already worth it if she can use 2 or 3 color groups, but I was still a little upset about this.


And with Yodi and Kelly, we wanted to create something that could put an end to the above, in our eyes wrong “perception.” After Heimtextil, we suddenly knew what to do!


Because at Heimtextil we displayed a presentation on how our clients could present color-coordinated collections, using our Color Concept editions or custom-made color groups.

As above: a Look Book for a bed textile collection created with stock mockups we edited. We used a favorite Color Concept of ours for this: Nonna Chic (AW24/25).

Above an overview of designs, showing how many different directions you can go with 1 Color Concept harmony of 8 colors.

From simple two-color to as many as 12 colors per design. (See our how-to videos on our website on how to easily add "intermediate colors").

And this is what many visitors seemed to respond to the most: the color-coordinated presentation on pillows. The reaction of the visitors was so rewarding! And I was happy to show so clearly how varied you can work with the Color Concept. And this can be done with any Color Concept color combination in our publications. I promise!


So now we have incorporated this idea into our latest AD Color Concept for AW25/26. And also in our Bonus AD Color Concept SS25: Hazy Sunshine, you can see how we did it. This pdf bonus will be sent to our Color Concept SS25 clients this week.

Above is still the recognizable inside, with the Pantone overview of the Color Harmony colors and the inspiring lifestyle images.

Above you see a first part of the renewal. 


On 1 page we show the basic color ratio in spheres and behind it you can see a small hint of the 6 bars with which, per Color Harmony of 8 Pantone colors, we give 6 examples of different color combinations. Above each color bar are 3 designs in that color dosage: from quiet and conventional to powerful and bold.


Do you also want instant-inspiration and our ready-to-use color tool? Get the advantage package spring/summer 2025 + autumn/winter 2025/26 with € 200 off:


  • Free Bonus PDF Color Concept Hazy Sunshine

  • Free brand new Milan '24 Trend Report (normal price € 129)

  • Free Bonus PDF Color Concept at fall/winter 2025/26 (December 2024)

Total saving: € 329.

Total advantage: tons of inspiration and color options, it almost feels like cheating.


Go to our webshop to see the options for Inspiration and Color Tool packages, or see below what other options we have to boost your creative solutions:


PLUS: Whenever you're ready, here are 4 ways we can help you create Client Attraction by Design:


1. Trend & Color Inspiration and Tools

  • Trend Concept: curated PDF overviews of design shows in Paris, Milan, Amsterdam, London, among others. Pure inspiration for the professional.

  • Color Concept: the colors that instantly inspire you and make it easy to (re)color new designs. Saving you a lot of time in translating trends and instant-inspiration guaranteed.

2. Pattern and Print Designs

  • View and select designs online for your products and collections.

  • HERE clients can log in. Become a client? Click on REQUEST LOGIN.

3. Effective Product and Sales Presentations
True-to-life and easy-to-edit product photos and sales presentations. Essential to apply quickly and without high costs to online or offline media. We create convenient templates of your product photos or your brand or collection presentations.


4. Customized collaboration with my team and me personally

Together we'll create magical color and design stories. We love to support you with:

  •  visual brand/product identity boards

  • (brand)collections

  • easy to refill lifestyle or sales presentations

  • temporary online staff support


Hit reply to contact us and we'll discuss your ideas and goals!

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