Meet CoCo, your new colleague

It was one of our interns who said the other day: "this Color Concept is actually a very experienced and talented team member." 


We all looked at each other and nodded. Yes, you could see our very own inspiration and color tool as a remarkable member of our team who brings a splash of creativity to every project – our Color Concept! 


So, how can a Color Concept be part of the team? What are the unique aspects that make it a standout addition to your design and product development crew? Here's just a few:


**1. No Coffee Breaks, Ever:** Color Concept never needs a caffeine fix and is always ready to infuse energy into your designs without needing multiple coffee breaks. Plus, you get to keep all the coffee for yourself!


**2. Drama-Free Zone:** Unlike human team members, Color Concept doesn't engage in office politics or dramatic exits. Enjoy a serene working environment while claiming the drama-free benefits!


**3. Always on Trend:** Color Concept effortlessly displays design trends, sparing you the effort of trend-chasing. And here's the bonus – claim the credit for being a trendsetting virtuoso, as you learn all you require on design and color trends!


**4. Endless Patience:** With infinite patience, Color Concept keeps offering solutions to your design dilemmas without a hint of frustration. "It" offers so many options per season, expressed in Color Harmonies and royalty free design examples. And a multitude of that if your Color Concept colleague keeps growing in more editions, expanding inspiration and color options further by every added season.


**5. Infinitely Flexible:** Adaptability is Color Concept's middle name. It seamlessly adjusts to your design needs, whether you look for classical, contemporary, sophisticated, or easy popular trends and combinations. Claim the flexibility as your secret weapon for dynamic creations!


**6. The "Wow" Factor:** Color Concept brings that "wow" factor to your designs, leaving clients and colleagues in awe. Mostly due to the Color Harmony that is infused in all Color Palettes and images taken at design shows depicting practical use of these colors. And here's the best part – claim the proceeds of the awe-inspiring designs for yourself!


That's right – by partnering with Color Concept, you not only enhance your creative projects but also claim the rewards for the brilliance it brings to the table. And that's all part of your decision to work with the Color Concept tools. Kudos to you!

This silent, but most inspiring colleague is vibrant and always ready to support the team


We only need a nicer and shorter nickname. How about CoCo? 


So, when you choose CoCo as a team member, you're tapping into a reservoir of experience, knowledge, and talent that understands daily design challenges. You get the expertise and dedication of our team condensed in a very practical support.


Stay Colorful!


Astrid Davidse


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