Pokémon x Van Gogh

Do you like Pokémon? Or are you more into "real art," like Van Gogh?

Doesn't matter, and if you have children, or nephews, nieces or grandchildren, they would love to go to the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam with you right now! Or maybe you'd like to go there yourself as a Pokémon fan? 


The museum celebrates its 50th anniversary with "Pokémon at the Van Gogh Museum." To be visited until Jan. 7, 2024.


There is an Adventure scavenger hunt, and afterward you will receive this unique Pokémon card. And yes, they are now on the Internet for a lot of money. But the supply is huge, so don't buy it.

There is a real connection between Van Gogh and Japanese print art. Van Gogh was a great admirer. In fact, Japanese print art was one of his greatest sources of inspiration.


The wall of his studio was full of them, and in the portrait below of his paint supplier, you can see those prints in the background.

Vincent van Gogh, Portret of Julien Tanguy, 1887, Musée Rodin, Parijs


As you may remember, paintings by painters with beautiful use of color are also a great source of inspiration for us. Some are also included in the trend inspiration of our Color Concept editions. Beautiful use of color is of all times.


Our son is a Pokémon fan, and I liked the whole way it was set up. Then, I knew all the different names and types. But he is now living and studying in Versailles, so we will have to wait until the Christmas vacations to go together. Not sure if I can wait that long 😁 


How about you? Fan of Pokémon or Van Gogh?


Have a playful day! 


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