Barbie's color party

OK, you may have seen enough pink already last weeks. There's no getting around it, like a fresh whirlwind Barbie comes over us.

And its reviews are pretty good. 

As you might expect, as textile designers and colorists, we mostly watch the visual presentation surrounding Barbie. 

As a child, I used to make new clothes for my Barbie and curtains for the dollhouse she lived in. 


Bringing back that excited feeling of my childhood, I liked to see if, instead of just pink, we could create a Barbie-inspired collection with a broader color palette.

And after the Barbie hype, you want to last a little longer with your collection, right?


As soon as we discussed this in the team, we all had the same thought: color harmony Summer Cocktail!

Fits perfectly into that pink summer cloud.

As you can see, we add red, green, purple, and orange to the "pink" theme. And white lowers the sugars a bit.

Below are some more variations, showing how you can diversify with this color harmony.

It is the 10th Color Concept for spring/summer 2023, the free bonus our clients receive twice a year, perfect for coloring textiles in a really Summer vibe.

Also perfect for teens, and other cheerful themes.


And here's how the Color Concept publication looks. Now you can see pink is not even the main color in here.

If we were to look at Color Concept editions from previous years, we could easily add a few more elaborations.
It's that easy to fill in a theme or new collection with new color harmonies in AD Color Concept.

Once ignited by our Color Concept, inspiration becomes an unstoppable force.

Or to kickstart color and pattern discussions with your client or your team by putting your Color Concept library on the table.

Above, you can see some of the pinks we used in the 72+ Pantone color palettes.

Treat yourself to a colorful whirlwind and order your trend & color inspiration for 2024/2025.

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