Milan done, we're just starting

We did the Milan Design Marathon! As Design Athletes we walked 42 kilometers, while shooting over 4000 photos.
So happy to be sitting down while composing this message to you. 😅

The Design Marathon Athletes!

Earth tones are back. Or never really away.



The Design Marathon Athletes! Clockwise, we were at: Alcova, CC-Tapis and Elle Decor


This Design Inspiration Marathon is step 1 of our preparation for new designs and colors.

Next step is sorting all our photos, brochures, and magazines we scooped up. 

Step 3: preparing our top-secret mood boards in our studio.

Step 4: discussing and re-arranging the mood boards until it all "fits".

Then our mood boards are ready to "feed" our design team for new design inspiration, and our color team for the Trends & Colors for the AW24/25 Color Concept.

But now, let's give you a short impression of what we saw in Milan: 

Galery Rossana Orlandi, clockwise: Piet Hein Eek, Manu Crotti, Iris Tonies and a wide variety of materials and design. 


Softness is created with different materials. 

A pyramid by De Marchi Tiles, formed by small spheres, a wooden terrazzo stool by Yuma Kano X Sho Ota, 

a huggable tower, and the addition of round tiles between rectangles, also by De Marchi Tiles.


Earth tones are back. Or never really away. ArchiProducts “Terra” inspired by earth, curated by Studio Pepe.


But also bold colors galore! In very attractive, soft fabrics. Clockwise: Moooi, Moooi, Baxter and Casina.

Do you want to work with on-trend colors and inspiration we extracted from all relevant sources?

With each Color Concept edition, you get the overview of what we regard as the most important inspiration from all the Design Shows we visit, like Milan, Paris, and London. 

This saves you much time, especially since we prepare this to work with. It's not an abstract trend watchers book you need to translate into practical color & design information.

Simply choose your favorite color harmonies and start coloring. Or kick-start the color choosing process with your team or clients.

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