You'll be mesmerized

Astrid and I were in Paris and Versailles for a few days. It reminded me of a story about how the word "mesmerizing" became known to the world.

It all started with 18th Century Franz Anton Mesmer, born and raised in Vienna, who was quite the eccentric fellow. 
Known for his unusual methods of healing. He believed in the power of "animal magnetism," which he claimed could cure various ailments by harnessing the invisible forces that exist within us all. 

Being mocked by his fellow physicians in Vienna, after a questionable cure of the niece of the empress's secretary, he left for Paris.

Dr. Mesmer had rich clients in Paris, like Marie-Antoinette.

Here he once again began working as a magnetism healer. Popular amongst people who wanted to believe in miracle healing, he drew in rich clients, receiving about twenty patients daily at the luxurious Hôtel de Bouillon.

Mesmer used a large wooden construction, a baquet, filled with "magnetized water" and metal bars with magnets.

His richest patients would be connected to this contraption, while Mesmer walked around like some kind of magician on golden slippers and clad in a lavender-colored silk robe.

With hand movements, touches and waving a metal staff, he would then "magnetize" his patients in order to influence the fluid in their bodies. 

Some of Mesmer's patients went into a trance, others had violent convulsions, and still others began to laugh uncontrollably or utter cries.


In 1784, King Louis XVI, whose wife Marie-Antoinette was a patient of Mesmer's, convened a commission of scientists and physicians to investigate the foreign doctor's methods anyway. Chairman of the 11-member commission was American inventor Benjamin Franklin.

Although Mesmer had always called for a major scientific study of animal magnetism, Mesmer did not trust the research and refused to cooperate. 

Mesmer's feeling was right. He was, again, branded a quack by the then-current scientists.

Fast-forward to today, and we find ourselves using the word "mesmerizing" to describe something captivating or enchanting.

Like when you're completely absorbed by a breathtaking sunset or when you can't take your eyes off a stunning dance performance, or a beautiful painting. That feeling of being completely entranced can be traced back to the name of our friend, Dr. Mesmer.

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Mesmerizing snapshots of the "Nonna Chic" theme

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Two other snapshots of our 10 Color Concept themes

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Have a Colorful day!

Martin Salet

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