Working in a holiday setting

During COVID, Astrid and I worked in the studio and our designers at home. That went very well.
Working with clients online has been growing for years. 

That gave us an idea. We can also work at another location, provided there is a good Internet connection. Then we can work in a sunny place. 😎

Why wait until retirement to spend more time in nice weather? Our son lives in Paris now for his internship, and we don't need to be home for him anyway. 😏 When we were here last year, he also came for a week to surf.

And Kelly, Neeltje and Yodi are a great team, both for us and for our clients. And you can still come to the studio in The Hague to see designs or color concepts.
So now we are part-time digital nomads! And try to live and work in Spain twice a year for 6-8 weeks: in October/November and in March/April.


We're working now on Lanzarote. One of the Canary Islands near the African coast. And we're feeling like being on holiday, anytime we're not working.
Lunch on the roof terrace now is a very special moment. And upon arrival in February, we had a beautiful tropical carnival parade. 

Instead of biking or walking to the studio, we walk through the village square every morning and swim in the sea.


We're not the only ones. Our website developer, who is currently creating our new design website, works in Bali. Wherever our cooperation partners are, we work with them almost exclusively online. And that gives us a lot of freedom and opportunities.

In addition to more peace in our heads and pleasant temperatures, we also look around here and are creatively stimulated.

Very inspiring here on Lanzarote is the influence of the artist and architect Manrique. Several of his buildings, or buildings inspired by his ideas, have become museums or tourist hotspots today.

These buildings took advantage of the volcanic shapes of the landscape. Where caves were once used as garbage dumps or quarries, Manrique saw opportunities to create beautiful houses, a concert hall, a restaurant, or a viewpoint. 

Always with spectacular results. His artworks are also scattered all over the island, at traffic circles or in cities.

In addition, due to his "rule" that buildings could not be higher than a palm tree, hardly any high-rise buildings have been built.

An additional advantage is that we can take a step back here and also take some time to think and plan a little more strategically about our business.

More on that soon...

In the middle of April we will be back in The Hague. Astrid can head straight to Milan the following week for the Design week with Yodi and Kelly. On inspiration safari for new designs and for the development of Color Concept Fall/Winter 2024/25...

And as you know, we are working, so if you have any questions, we would love to hear from you!

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