Van Gogh's trend colors

Vincent van Gogh, our favorite Dutch painter, changed his use of color rigorously in the relatively short period in which he painted.

There are several theories about this. One is that Vincent had an eye defect that caused him to perceive bright colors at a subdued level.

Another idea was that the Parisian Impressionists inspired him. They were also known at the time for using brighter colors.

Data research by points to the sunnier climate of the southern French area Provence as the cause.

By taking an "average" photo of each period at a pixel level, this could be determined quite accurately. What is clear is that in the "Provence period" when he is living in the south of France, van Gogh really goes all out with brighter colors, especially the shades of yellow.

More on this research by can be found here.

The Potato Eaters, quite a dark painting from 1885

His Paris period: Montmartre in Paris, 1887. A bit more colorful.

The Harvest, 1888. 

Can you feel the warm August air too? And smell the scent of freshly harvested hay?

I LOVE those colors!

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For inspiration, I am always keen on colorful paintings. And this one screams Summer.

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Astrid Davidse

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