Macarons & Coffee

Hope you are doing well these days. Black Friday, Cyber Monday...
No such thing in our shop.

But last week, we gave our Color Concept clients a booster. A colorful one. For free.

As we work with color palettes daily, we usually compose more color palettes than we can fit in our seasonal Color Concept packages of 9 color harmonies.

I think it's a waste to leave great color harmonies in our digital archives. So, it's a habit to give these as a bonus to our clients: in this case, the AW22/23 Booster Bonus Color Concept "Macarons & Coffee".

A warm and soft-colored shot of coffee variations and delicious, sweet macarons.
 Here's an impression of how that looks.


On the top right, you can see the copyright-free designs, colored with this color group. Under this, a visual explanation of how versatile our color groups work in practice.

Within each color group, you can't go wrong. That's why we usually call them Color Harmonies.


My designers and I love to work with this color palette in our designs.

> Could you use such colorful boosters too?
> Always have relevant trend color inspiration at hand?
> Save a lot of time on research?
> Ready to upload the digital Pantone color swatches?

And, would you like to get colorful boosters like this?

Just start your color trend library of our inspiring Color Concept editions. Each one inspires for years. And gets you started right away, coloring new collections and patterns.

Go to our webshop and start the color indulging!

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