Our new looks

Can I show you something? It's about colors and design, and all about me/us... 

It's about our new corporate identity. And I have another piece of news, at the end of this post.

When I started as a freelancer decades ago, I had simply taken my name as my "brand." And a neat logo and corporate identity on nice cards, stationery, etc. And I was lucky to find my astriddavidse.com URL was available.

For over 10 years, I no longer work alone. Apart from our amazing freelance team of five, I have three fabulous in-house designers; Kelly, Neeltje and Yodi, we form a team in which we complement and replace each other.

With Martin joining us, almost 9 years ago, we have developed further in marketing and communication and the design team is kept free of administrative, legal and logistical matters.

So we thought it was time for a different name and new logos:



So... What do you think? Does it make more sense?

My name is now abbreviated, because it seems more important to us that it is immediately apparent what it is all about.

Three different activities, which reinforce each other and also have the same goal: supporting clients in development, design, and presentation of products for home and interior.

More specifically:
AD Design: print designs, collections, and presentations
AD Color Concept: colors and trends
AD Design Academy: Photoshop for professional design and presentations

We have already started using them gradually, so maybe you have seen them lately.

OK. And here's our other piece of news: 

After 15 years of faithful service, we will replace our design website, where clients can view our total design collection online.

In addition to a new design and better stability, it will also come with a new name.

As soon as this website is online, I will let you know. Until then, you can visit our old website. Last month there were some problems with it, so hopefully it will stay alive these last weeks.

That was all about "us", I hope you don't mind, and if you have a moment, I would appreciate your thoughts on this! Just reply in the "comment".

Next time, I promise we'll bring you something completely different.

All the best,

Astrid Davidse

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