Not an easy color? Well...

Did you enjoy Summer? Looking forward to Autumn? Found you an exciting trend color that goes perfectly with brownish Autumn tones. As an ex-fashion girl, I see purple in fashion doing beautiful things.

I know, purple is really a fierce color, so that does not fit easily into my selection of beautiful, trendy, and yet 'salable' colors for interiors and home textiles.

The less extrovert cousin in that color spectrum is lilac. It's still a bit daring, but I see great options!

Especially if you're a home fashion brand that wants to show a fresh update, there are certainly options to make your collection stand out with lilac.

Here are some examples of how we applied the two lilacs of my Color Concept Palette 'Free Spirit' in Design Mady, Kiara, and Hazel:

Lilac combines easily with natural shades. Would this be difficult to sell in the shops?

We have been using lilac in color palettes for several seasons now. Varying from grayish lilacs, soft pastel shades, bluer lilacs, to the more purple shades.

But all the patterns shown here are colored with the same 'Free Spirit' 8-color palette of AW21/22.

I think a lot is possible with the lilac family. With our digital color palettes, you can experiment so easily in Photoshop and quickly show what it looks like in your designs.

What do you think? Is lilac a color you're going to use? Let me know, I am curious...

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