Global color trends

Colors are so important for our business, and we all have to follow "the trends". These trends in colors now are universal. It's connected to the global marketplace.

Clusters of similar trend colors can be found in very different sources, like trend fora, blogs, etc., and in all languages and countries.

As there are many colors in lots of variations to work with, much attention goes to "Color of the Year" announcements. We all like simplicity in this world with so many options.

Take the latest colors of the year, as introduced a few months ago by Pantone:

How did these colors resonate in our color harmonies? As we looked, we could find more yellows and grays in different color palettes than I had thought.

Not these exact colors though. Especially Illuminating yellow is a bit too much for most home products, don't you think?

So for home purposes, our yellows lean more towards natural yellow/orange. And although we have grays, some of our grays have a bit more brown or blue pigments added.

Here's an example where both colors are part of one of our home color palettes. This is from the Spring/Summer 2022 Color Concept "Mineral Spring".

Or in our Bonus AW21/22 edition (clients get free additional digital Color Palettes, as we sometimes develop these spontaneously), where you see that the two very different yellows are combined with blue/gray, dark green, and some brown shades:

Astrid makes these color harmonies each season to make the work of her designers a lot easier. It makes them more creative, with enough variety but without getting lost in too many options.

Because it's divided into inspiring color harmonies, the whole team gets more confident experimenting with colors. Both experienced and junior designers become more color savvy when thy work with this!

Since the last 2 seasons, two designers of the team became so proficient they have proven very valuable in supporting Astrid in developing the new Color Concept editions.

We're so happy the Color Concept development became a real team effort now.

Do you want to work with our color inspiration and palettes too?

  • Grow your color intelligence library for easy inspiration
  • Always have the trend colors that matter for your business
  • Have the easiest trend color tool to make amazing colorways


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