Extra Trend Colors anyone?

It's a tradition to give our Color Concept customers an extra color group. On top of the 9 color groups that are normally included in each Color Concept season.

Now that we cannot go to fairs, we need to find most inspiration online. So, here's an extra color inspiration for you, even if you have not bought our latest Color Concept, you can download this special Color Group. You can find the download link to our website later in this post.

Because Italy has been so badly affected by the Coronavirus, we dedicate our new color group to the beautiful Italian landscape. If I'm correct, Italy is opening up for visitors in the next weeks. So, have a look at the colors you can see when you are there.

We called this theme "Valle Italiana." Italy at its best. Think of the sun-burned valleys with orange-red skies, combined with grayish blue-green hues. And soft "pistachio ice cream" green. Love Italian ice cream, don't you?

Included in this free color group are the Pantone TCX Color codes and names. You can find the link to the hidden download page under this message.

When you are on our website, you can have a look at the latest Color Concept for the Fall/Winter 2021/22 season. And as always, these are the colors that matter for textiles and your home product and interior design.

Included each season are the Digital Color Palettes and 5 copyright free designs in all the color groups, demonstrating the attractive way these colors work in all types of designs.

I hope you enjoy this color group you receive as a free sample. Just push the button below:

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