Kids anyone?

Did you know that we also make kids' designs?

We were never huge on that, designs for the little ones. And we only want to bring something BIG if we can be distinctive in that style.

You know us for our stripes, checks, geometrics, and for several years now, hand-painted designs and digital designs. But 4 of our 10 designers got so enthusiastic that we now have a whole collection of very diverse designs for kids, have look at some results:

Alpacas score very high on cuteness. The flowers next to it are also cute but in a different way.

The designs are suitable for baby/toddler/teens. We will expand this further in the coming months.

Our designers are having fun making these designs. Best motivation there is. It leads to cheerful yet stylish prints.

Wild animals are here too. Although wild ...?

Not only billionaires Musk and Bezos dream of conquering the universe. This has been a popular theme for children for a long time.

Colorful patterns for textile collections. Such as curtains, duvet covers, wallpaper, pillows, and rugs. But also very suitable for clothing or children's tableware.

Our designers can develop a beautiful, consistent line to shape a whole series. Great for promoting a new Kids brand line with which you can distinguish yourself better.

Here an entirely different type of design. It's such a joy to be able to work with this versatile team of designers. Let us know if you're interested in Kids' designs.

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