Working online, more than ever

More than ever, the world is online now. The only way to get things done in our business, I guess.

For you too? Getting any business done right now?

The challenge is to adapt to the new reality of not traveling and meeting physically.

Easy enough for us. Offering designs online was already the best option available to our clients. And our curated Trend Color Harmonies can be bought online.

We did not see this virus crisis coming. But we did see how working online with us was already growing every year. Luckily, we invested in a website to show our portfolio online.

Here is a screenshot how this looks.

Easy Design browsing, and searching for trends or colors on


Some of our clients here in Europe have been working online with us in the past years. A new generation of business owners, digital natives.

One took over a textile business from their parents. Another one started an online business from scratch. When most textiles were sold in brick and mortar shops.

Now they are the fastest-growing companies around, by far. Buying designs and selling textiles online only. Building ever bigger warehouses to keep up with demand.

When they first contacted us, we proposed to visit them. They said: "why?" "If we can look online that's easier?"

At first, we were a bit skeptical. After all, our designs are our capital. There is always the risk of copying although we secure the copyrights well.

But we did meet first. Just to see who we're going to give the keys to our most precious treasure. And meeting them was easy since their offices are only half an hour by car from us.

Now they are one of our biggest clients. Selecting designs based on sales data analyses from their social media experts.

Well, as long as their data shows our designs do well, no complaints from our side.

Zoom in, see details like repeat size, number of colors, etc.


Despite doom and gloom due to the health crisis, online shopping is getting an enormous boost now. The longer this virus stays around, the longer travel options stay uncertain. And this will stimulate both consumers and businesses to go and stay online. This is happening at light speed now.

Logistics here in my country can't keep up with the unbelievable number of online sales. After the first hoarding of toilet paper, soap, and pasta, we now see a rising demand for outdoor and garden products, home textiles and other interior products.

The 2 companies I mentioned witness the biggest growth in their existence.

Search on color trend at


So, how's your business doing? Whether you see your sales increase, new collections with new colors and designs will be needed to secure or grow your position in the market.

Work with us if you are ready to do this online. Just email us if you're interested.

And of course, we hope to meet you 'live' sometime again in the future. Who knows where and when. All fairs till summer are canceled and who dares to book flights and hotels for after the summer?

So get in touch if you want to get online with us.

Any other questions? Just let us know.

Save favorites, take options on selected designs and see what you bought in the past 

Contact us if you want to work with us online:


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