Life Upside Down?

Did life turn upside down? Are you concerned about loved ones? Scared?

This whole situation is confusing and gives me a strange feeling. A combination of restlessness, anxiety, curiosity, and I'm also excited about what to do next.
Our freedom to do what we want suddenly changed, probably for more than a few weeks. We are not used to that.

But let's not give in to fear and endless news watching. This situation will pass. Our lives go on and, let's be realistic, it's not the Zombie-Apocalypse.


Do you also see amazing examples of people who give away excess food from their companies, change their restaurant to a take-away counter, link volunteers online to hospitals, or work overtime as a truck driver to get enough toilet paper on the shelves 🙄.

Since I am not a doctor and do not work for "essential" services, I can only help to stop spreading the virus as much as possible, especially for 👴👵.

Speaking of... My parents (over 80) and Martin's mother are well cared for, although my mother is not happy. She wants to be among people and misses her outings to the market and drinking coffee with others. So extra phone calls are very much appreciated.

Our son has to study and do projects online without going to Uni. For his free time, I never thought I would encourage him to play online instead of meeting friends 😏.

Empty design studio. Working in splendid isolation. Washing our hands a lot and keeping our distance from anybody else who might appear.

So, that leaves us having a business to run. Fairs and customer visits are impossible.

Martin and I are still working in our design studio. We cycle there in 15 minutes, or walk in 45 minutes. So awkward with almost no traffic in the streets. And there is hardly anyone in the building. So, it's very safe yet more effective than staying in the house all day.

All design studio staff is OK, working at home. Most have been doing so frequently in the past, so that works well.

Our designer Kelly is working at home, together with her son Sam. Both working on colorful projects!

Fortunately, we already have lots of experience co-working online with our designers and clients. You can organize many things very efficiently. Some of our clients have been doing this for years now. We can support you online too, both for designs and color tools.
We have been promoting online communication and sales for some years now. Most of our business kept involving lots of travel, lots of printed posters, lots of expensive fairs and so lots of CO2 emissions. And although we enjoy visiting New York and Shanghai, does it have to be four times a year or more? So maybe something good comes out of this, and we realize we can do most of our business online. Seeing each other face to face once a year, and working online the rest of the year could prove to be effective, CO2 and cost reducing. A win-win situation for us, our clients and the planet.


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