9x5 is a lot of Colorways

We love to color and recolor designs. And we do it a lot. For our pattern design collection, for our clients, and for our Color Concept development.

Ever since our Color Concept Edition Spring/Summer 2020, we include in the package 5 designs, copyright-free. T
hese designs come in very different styles: stripe, check, ornamental, botanical, and geometric.


Each pattern design is colored 9 times to show how easy our colors combine. Here is just one example from the Spring/Summer 2021 color group 'Antique Shop':

Just choose what you like: a primary color in contrast with soft tones, striking colors competing, or more balanced color use. By using them this way, we test the colors to make sure they work.

Then it's up to you to play with the colors. Especially with the digital color palettes and using index color files, it's so easy to experiment. You should try it sometime. 😉

We end up with 45 pattern variations. You receive them in 300 dpi/tiff files. High-quality designs you can use on any product you like. If you're into quilting, this is a very interesting deal!

Last week, one of our Dutch pattern design clients saw our Color Concept for the first time. She said: "with this, any designer can do great colors! It's like Colors for Dummies!"

Well, if you're like me, you get tired of abstract and overpriced trend books. There's nothing wrong with color trends that easily inspire you. And ready to use Color Palettes that makes you enjoy coloring your designs.