Even the Blues go Green

Here is a new inspiration board I'd like to share with you! It's from the Botanical Blues color group. A warm color group that you now see in the interior stores.

And we still use this Winter 19/20 color group with great pleasure. That is the advantage of interior trend colors, they last longer than fashion colors.

When you click on the image below, you see our Pinterest board. There you can find even more color inspiration. Follow us on Pinterest and you will always see the latest Pins.

The three-hundred-year-old colors of Vermeer's 'milkmaid' fit wonderfully in this color group. The Dutch Masters were famous for their exceptional use of color. It's something in our water, I guess 😉


Impossible to get 'the blues' with these Botanic Blues.


For those who do not yet have these color groups, they can still be ordered HERE. In addition to Botanical Blues, there are 8 other beautiful color harmonies in this Color Concept edition. Grow your Color Library and always have the Color inspiration you need, when you need it.

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