Enjoy working with our 2022/23 color harmonies for home products and interior projects:


Get inspiration fast. With colors that make you happy. As a professional in product or interior design, you recognize the trends. You understand why these color harmonies work.

Easily combine the colors in each of the 9 color harmonies. It can't go wrong! Instant inspiration will guide you.

Each color group consists of 8 colors. You get them also as digital palettes. With these, you can immediately start coloring in Photoshop, Illustrator, or Nedgraphics.


Our Color Concept has a practical compact size, developed for daily use at your workplace. With the colorful neoprene cover, it's well protected and easy to take with you to customers or colleagues or when visiting a showroom or factory.


Color Concept by Astrid Davidse, the trend color package:


    • 72 spot-on trend colors for home and interior products
    • Divided into 9 color groups of 8 colors each
    • NEW: clear examples of how to combine colors
    • Pantone TCX Color codes and names
    • Digital Color Palettes for Adobe and Nedgraphics
    • 5 copy-right free designs with index colors
    • Inspirational, exclusive home design images
    • Compact, easy in daily use, protected by a neoprene sleeve
    • Including digital tutorial for uploading Color Swatches