4 latest Seasons


Buy a full trend color library with the four latest seasons in one special price combination:


As our Home colors stay relevant much longer than just one season, this is a very effective way to own even more variety in colors.


With 9 different color groups, each season. Each color group consists of 8 color combinations. This package gets you started with 288 Trend Colors in 36 Color Harmonies. And a huge number of exclusive interior inspiration images and 20 copyright-free surface designs in 9 color variations each.


Every edition comes in a practical compact format, easy for daily use. For example, to take with you to customers, during team meetings, or when you visit a showroom or a factory.

Placed in a ring binder, they are easy to take out what you need.


Color Concept by Astrid Davidse:

  • Digital Color Swatch Library for Photoshop and Illustrator
  • 247 color combinations per color group
  • More than 2200 color combinations in total
  • A total of 20 high quality print designs, 300 dpi/tiff files
  • Pantone TCX color codes and names
  • Clearly visualized with our own photography and styling
  • Compact and easy in use

If you want your company to pay for this Color Concept by invoice, please go to THIS PAGE to receive an invoice for advance payment.