Welcome to the download page for Color Concept 'Valle Italiana', our Spring / Summer 2021 bonus.

For free, as a promotion gift as we promote our brand new Color Concept Autumn/Winter 21/22. So here's a an ad:

  • 72 trend colors with pure specialization on interior / home colors and trends
  • Divided into 9 color groups
  • Tested in designs of flowers, jungle, stripes, diamonds, geometric, ornamental, panels, kids (from Designers for Designers)
  • Exclusive, self-developed images of inspiring interiors in all color groups
  • Digital Pantone color palettes to upload in Photoshop or Illustrator
  • Quality trend color inspiration and tool, still for only € 600 or $ 700, which is less than the price of 1 design!

But, there is more:

  1. BONUS: We'll give you an extra 10th Color Group (digital PDF), it popped out in our enthusiasm, and we don't want to leave it unused.
  2. BONUS: The entire Color Concept is now also available as a digital PDF, so that you can also work with your colleagues online

Color Concept HW21 / 22 can already be ordered in our 'Shop' (see above) and you will receive the digital files the same day. We will send the printed version from June 13.


Such a pity we cannot show our Color Concept at a design show or trade fair. But we can show this online! We can use Microsoft Teams, or Zoom to show you online how they look. You can't touch but you can see everything you need. Let me know, and we'll set it up for you.

But of course you came here for sample Valle Italiana. Click on the picture below to download the PDF file:

Enjoy your colors,