The Color & Design Inspiration Tool, From Home Color Queen Astrid Davidse.

As a kid, she only wanted the biggest box of color pencils you could find. And drawing paper. Lost of drawing paper.

Experienced Color Expert, consulting on color and design for home product brands worldwide,

Guest lecturer at the Beijing Institute of Fashion Technoogy,

Designer of fashion and home products and coordinated collections for over 25 years.

Try our specialized color combinations. With inspiring images to actually enjoy choosing and combining colors with ease. With 2 new editions a year, you can build your own Home Color Library. 

Take the guess work out of color choices

  • Instant Color Inspiration

  • 72 Colors each season: 9 Color Harmonies of 8 colors each

  • Save time, start coloring immediately


"Astrid, your color combinations are gorgous. Can we buy them?"

That's how it all started. We showed our color combinations (made for internal use) to the clients of our design studio. They all wanted them. So here we are: the Trend Colors for home products and interiors. Our specialization.


  • Trend Colors that combine like a dream

  • Digital Color Palettes for your design software

  • New editions: Spring/Summer in January and Autumn/Winter in June


"We use WGSN. I am very happy with them. But I use your colors for home fashion!"

It's almost embarrising, but it seems most trendagencies specialise in fashion colors. We focus only on interior colors.


  • Get all seasons and build your personal Color Library

  • They are Home Colors and you can use them far longer than 1 season

  • Kick-start color choices. Of you, your team and your clients