Autumn/Winter 2022/23 Trend Colors & Design Inspiration


Enjoy working with our 2022/23 color harmonies for home products and interior projects:


Get inspiration fast. With colors that make you happy. As a professional in product or interior design, you recognize the trends. You understand why these color harmonies work.

Easily combine the colors in each of the 9 color harmonies. It can't go wrong! Instant inspiration will guide you.

Each color group consists of 8 colors. You get them also as digital palettes. With these, you can immediately start coloring in Photoshop, Illustrator, or Nedgraphics.


Our Color Concept has a practical compact size, developed for daily use at your workplace. With the colorful neoprene cover, it's well protected and easy to take with you to customers or colleagues or when visiting a showroom or factory.


Color Concept by Astrid Davidse, the trend color package:


    • 72 spot-on trend colors for home and interior products
    • Divided into 9 color groups of 8 colors each
    • NEW: clear examples of how to combine colors
    • Pantone TCX Color codes and names
    • Digital Color Palettes for Adobe and Nedgraphics
    • 5 copy-right free designs with index colors
    • Inspirational, exclusive home design images
    • Compact, easy in daily use, protected by a neoprene sleeve
    • Including digital tutorial for uploading Color Swatches


What our clients say about our Color Concept:

Christa Lynam, Senior Design Manager, Textiles & Materials, Product Design Group, Hunter Douglas (Luxaflex) USA:

"We really enjoy getting the color forecast from Color Concept by Astrid Davidse. We use it in many ways. When we are doing color work on specific designs and textures it is a great place to get inspiration for color groupings."

"We love getting a fresh perspective from Astrid's Color Concept. We value the organization, and we talk about it with our internal and external clients. We want to stay on top of color and trend, so we purchase all the new directions as they come out."


Michael D'Agnese, Marketing Manager Design & License Programs, Comfortex (Albany, New York), subscriber to Color Concept, client for our patterns and print designs and for custom color consultancy:

"One of the great things about working with Astrid is her well-rounded expertise as an artist, colorist and designer, which makes the process for developing unique and beautiful collections an easy one".

"We utilize the color concepts by finding similar colors in our Color Lux program that we can apply to our designs and create coordination stories and product ensembles with".

"As always the color groups look beautiful. There are some in the most recent group that stand out to me more than others such as Riverstone and Sudden Stillness. Not only do I like these specific collections because of my personal tastes, but they are also excellent for our industry and customer base".