6 seasons Super Value Pack


Color Harmonies galore, with this Color Trend library of six seasons in one special price pack:

Autumn/Winter 2022/23


Spring/Summer 2022


Autumn/Winter 2021/22


Spring/Summer 2021


Autumn/Winter 2020/21


Spring/Summer 2020


for only €1650 (regular price of €2100)


As our Home colors stay relevant much longer than just one season, this is a very effective way to own a large variety of colors.


Each season, 9 different color groups of 8-10 colors. This package gets you started with 360 Trend Colors in 36 Color Harmonies.


And a huge number of exclusive interior inspiration images and 20 copyright free surface designs in 9 color variations each.


All editions are in a practical compact format, with a matching protective cover, so it is well protected.


Perfect to bring this Color Choice Kickstarter to customers, team meetings, or when you visit a showroom or a factory.



Color Concept by Astrid Davidse:

  • Digital Color Swatch Library for Photoshop and Illustrator
  • 247 color combinations per color group
  • More than 2200 color combinations in total
  • Pantone TCX color codes and names
  • Clearly visualized with our photography and styling
  • Compact and easy to use

If you want your company to pay for this Color Concept by invoice, please go to THIS PAGE to receive an invoice for advance payment.