Home & Interior Color Trend 2020


Home & Interior Color Trend 2020


New Product: Color Trend Mood boards for interior projects.


Do your clients struggle with color choices? And when selected, they change their minds or express doubts?

This process can take a lot of time. And in the end, a result that might not bring the joy you want for your clients (and yourself!).


Everybody in the home/interior business knows colors are a dominant success factor. So, how to turn this into your advantage? To always come up with the colors that hit the sweet spot?


A big advantage is that color choices have no impact on a budget. It doesn't matter which colors you choose for a selected paint, wallpaper, carpet or piece of furniture. It's all the same price.


But choosing the right colors is priceless!


You have seen it happen at 'before & after' house makeovers on TV or online. House owners admiring their new home keep repeating "WOW," while fighting back the tears of emotion. Pleasing clients is so rewarding!


And there is no need to go extreme. It's the balance between 'recognizing' and 'surprising' that does it every time.


Professional designers know how to organize that. And they have so much more fun working with clients.


We can help you achieve more Client Color Happiness:


Working with the Color Trends 2020 by Astrid Davidse, you can show all the colors that matter in 2020, as products like curtains, wallpaper, paints and textiles are available in these color varieties.

By showing 10 different Home Color Trend boards, you can kick-start the color choosing process for you, your team, and your clients.


Why would our colors be the right ones? Well, because our clients say, "WOW." Every season. For the last 20 years. And they use our colors to sell their interior products. 


Designing Home & Interior products for over 25 years, we found the way to choose winning colors consistently. Working daily with brands and projects all over the world gives us so much information on what works and what doesn't.


Combined with online research, visiting Home & Interior shows, and seeing what's new in cities like Paris, London, Amsterdam, New York, Milan, and Shanghai, we trained ourselves in analyzing and collecting this intelligence.


At first, we struggled with the amount of information. Each designer was going through the same inspiration data over and over. And I noticed not every designer could transform it into designs with the right colors. Our trend intelligence needed extra processing.


During a long talk with a friend, who is a business coach, I mentioned a habit I had in my first job after Art School. As a fashion designer, I did what I was taught and started a new collection with colors. In fashion, you always present a coordinated color collection. But somehow, I stopped doing this when I moved to Home & Interior design.


Long story short, in 2017, I started a new routine.


Twice yearly, I select 72 attractive Trend Colors each season. I combine them in 9  different Color Groups: our Color Harmonies. Within each Color Harmony, you can combine the colors any way you want: they always look great.


Initially, I used these color selections to help our designers to let go of their all-time favorites and start using fresh and new colors.


It stimulates experimenting. Some had to get used to working with it. But now they all became so confident in designing and coloring. And, boy did it save us a lot of time!

The bonus is that it gives us more joy in working with colors!


Within one year, the turnover of my Design Studio doubled! It was amazing. But more happened. Our clients often ask us what colors they should use for next season. In an impulse, I started showing our internal Trend Color harmonies. In response, they asked if they could buy it.


You can now use our Color Intelligence in your work. As your primary color inspiration source, or to add to the colors you use now. 


The 12 Color Trend boards in this product inspire you and your clients to discuss and make color choices.


Use them for longer than one year, as they're home colors, intended to be used for more than one season. If you buy every yearly edition, you can build your Trend Color library.


So, there it is. Save time and focus on your design task, with:


  • Practical inspiration for amazing home colors
  • 12 different color harmony trend boards
  • Exclusive interior images made by our design team
  • Demonstrating how the trend colors fit into interiors
  • Kick-starting color choosing processes


Digital product, high-quality PDF. After ordering, you will receive an email with a download link.


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