Yearly subscription AW24/25 + SS2025


Get the latest now and be the first to receive the next one! 

Always the first to work with the most beautiful color harmonies? Do like almost 60% of our clients: get the latest edition and the next one as soon as it is ready, and receive a 10% discount!

Regular price, buying the latest: €1200, subscription price: €1080.


Be inspired instantly. Save time, focus on the new season, and your new collection.


No multi-year obligations. After each year, we send a new invoice, and you decide whether you want to receive the following seasons. After payment, we will send the new color concept. The second follows as soon as it is released. You are always the first to get it.


GUARANTEE: Try it, and we'll guarantee we will support you if you have any issues until you are satisfied. If you really tried, but it's not working for you, we'll refund the price you paid for the Color Concept.

"We use WGSN, and we love the broad inspiration we get out of that,

but we need your colors for home, so great"


During the year, we always throw in an extra (digital) Color Harmony palette. And you can always ask us for advice if you are struggling with your color choices.

 Color Concept by Astrid Davidse, the complete trend color package contains per season:

  • 72 spot-on trend colors for interiors and interior products, divided in: 
  • 9 color groups of 8-10 colors each
  • Pantone TCX Color codes and names
  • Digital Color Palettes for Adobe and Nedgraphics
  • 5 free designs with index colors (each in 9 color harmonies)
  • Inspirational, exclusive home design images
  • Compact, easy in daily use, protected by a neoprene sleeve


If you would like to receive a business invoice for advance payment, please click HERE


For the digital generation: get your Color Concept now with 15% off, for digital only editions:

  1. Order your choice of Color Concept package.
  2. Use coupon code "DIGITAL"
  3. Select "DIGITAL ONLY" for shipping options 

Applicable for all products available here. Saves you money, and CO2 emissions for shipping too.

Please note, if you select DIGITAL ONLY when purchasing a full package, including printed edition, you only get the digital editions.