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Are you a home textile or interior designer? 

Do you want clients to be amazed by your color proposals?


Finding trend colors is not rocket science. With some research you can find colors that match the trends.

But chances are, your competitors found them too.

Or color options are so vast, which ones do you really need? 

It can be very stressful choosing the right colors.
And sometimes, you just lack the time for extensive research.
You just want results.

So what if you:

  • have fresh and updated color and design inspiration

  • see unique combinations for your collection or project

  • get the images your clients will love when you discuss color and design options

Wouldn't that be helpful?

For your clients, color choices are free.

But offering the right colors is priceless.

I love to help out fellow-designers. So I offer you this compilation of 10 amazing trend color boards. 

Normally, I charge €1000 or more for this custom-made work. But I just love my work and like you to have access to this, so you can get a clear package to support you in your task. 

Start amazing your clients with your new color proposals: